Free time

We offer many different creative, sporting, entertaining, amusing but also learning-oriented courses and workshops.

In our school we have different rooms and areas for the free time activities. There are three computer rooms, a library, a disco, a room for playing table tennis, three handicraft workshops, an art room, a relaxing room, a gym and our generous school garden.


As we are a whole day school we provide snacks (break at 9:45) and lunch at our dining hall for our pupils.



The monthly costs include snacks, lunch and whole day care. The whole day care is not optional as the free time courses and workshops are integrated between regular lessons.

Food (daily): € 4,85

Whole day care: € 5,50


It is possible to apply for a cost reduction at the MA 10 (municipal administration Wiener Kindergärten, Bernoullistraße 7, 1220 Wien). The forms are available at our office.