Laureus – Schneetiger project

In Austria Laureus Schneetiger is the first project of the Laureus Sport for Good foundation. The main aim of the organization is to provide a sustainable access to winter sports both for kids and teens with and without handicaps. The claim of Laureus Schneetiger is not only the positive impact of winter sports on motor skills and mentally aspects of life but also social parts of an individual. Furthermore the project can be seen as a pioneer with its integrative and inclusive perspective.


Laureus Schneetiger works with a special concept, in the following you will learn more about it. Basically we differ between three altered phases in our work: If schools decide to work with us they get to practice with some of our coaches once a week all year round. For that stage the main goal is to get in shape and prepare for going into the snow. Additionally to that there is a season program where we offer ''snow days''. At these days pupils are taken on real slopes and forced to make their first experience with the equipment. However, the main event is the ''snow week'', where coaches, teachers and students all together spend one week in a skiing area.


Laureus Schneetiger works with all kinds of equipment and modern materials, such as skibobs, monoskis, bi-skis, skis and snowboards.


If you are interested in the Laureus Schneetiger program or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


Laureus Schneetiger
Nordbahnstraße 36/2/4.2
1020 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 21 22 484



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